Insurance Information

United Policyholders is providing free information and videos through their Roadmap to Recovery program for wildfire survivors. Information includes assistance with navigating the process of returning to a wildfire damaged area, repairing and replacing damaged and destroyed property, and collecting all available insurance funds. Link to the information topics and videos listed below:

Taking it in and getting started
-Insurance & Recovery Orientation Webinar for 2020 Wildfire impacted Households (video)
-How to Read and Understand Your Insurance Policy (video)
-First Steps After a Wildfire
-Primeros Pasos Despues de un Incendio Forestal (First Steps After a Wildfire, in Spanish)
-Returning to Your (Still Standing) Home After a Wildfire
-Top Ten Insurance Claim Tips
-Sample Letter Requesting Copy of Your Insurance Policy
-Simplified Guide to Your Homeowners Policy
-Insurance Lingo en Español
Arranging temporary housing
-ALE/Loss of Use: What expenses can you claim on your homeowner’s policy?
-Sample Letter Requesting Information About Insurance Benefits for Temporary Living Expenses (“ALE” or “Loss of Use”)
-CDI Bulletin: Continuation of ALE Benefits
Getting organized
-Stay in touch with other insured with your same company
-Insurance Claim Rules in California – 2020
-FAQs about Property Damage Insurance Claims in California
-Speak UP: Tips for Communicating with your Insurance Company
Getting debris removed
-Debris Removal After a Partial or Total Loss
-Partial Losses/Standing Homes (specialized guidance on partial loss insurance claim issues related to proper cleaning, inspecting for damage, restoring healthy indoor air quality and repairing obvious as well as hidden damage).
-Standing Homes, Smoke/Heat Insurance and Recovery Guidance (video)
Being proactive in documenting and valuing your losses
-Navigating the “Dwelling” Portion of Your Claim (video)
-Insurance Recovery Tips for the Dwelling Part of Your Claim
-Partial Loss Claim Tips
-The Scoop on “Scope of Loss”
-Tips for Reviewing Adjusters’ and Contractors’ Estimates
-Xactimate Demystified
-Survivors Speak: Estimating Your Loss
-Samples of Damage and Proof of Loss Documentation
-Mobile/Manufactured Home Insurance Claim Tips
Creating your home inventory and navigating your contents claim
-Home Inventory and Contents Claim Tips
-Sample Letter Requesting Contents Itemization Waiver
-Sample Letter Asking for a Personal Property Claim Settlement
-Sample Inventory/Personal Property Claim Worksheets (Excel doc)
-Depreciation Basics
Making financial decisions
-Underinsurance 101
-Survivors Speak: Coping With Underinsurance
-Buy or rebuild?
-Tax Tips for Disaster Survivors
-Updating your home insurance after a loss
Choosing a contractor
-Rebuilding 101: A Guide to the Reconstruction Process
-Questions to Ask a Repair/Rebuild Contractor
-What’s up with Overhead and Profit?
Working with your mortgage company
-Getting Your Mortgage Company to Release Insurance Proceeds
Getting help if/when you need it
-California State Specific Help
-Filing a complaint with the Department of Insurance
-Resolving Claim Disputes
-Hiring Professional Help

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara has issued a mandatory one-year moratorium prohibiting insurance companies from cancelling or refusing to renew a residential property insurance policy based on wildfire risk for any property that is located in any zip code that is within or adjacent to an area in which the Governor declared a state of emergency due to wildfire. In addition insurance companies must rescind any cancellation or non-renewal notices that were issued on or after the dates that the Governor issued an emergency declaration for each area and offer to reinstate or renew the policies in effect at the time of the emergency declaration.
-This moratorium is in effect until August 18th, 2021 for properties located in areas that were affected by the North Complex Fire, Butte, Tehama, Glenn Lightning Complex Fire, and August Complex Fire.
-Eligible zip codes due to the North Complex fire are:
95966, 95965, 95971, 96103, 95947, 95916, 95956, 95981, 95983, 95941,
95934, 95915, 95969, 95901, 96130, 95954, 96137, 95948, 95953, 96122,
96020, 95938, 96114, 95917, 95942, 95968, 95919, 96106, 95914, 96124,
95922, 95923, 95925, 95972, 95920, and 95984
-Residential property insurance policies include homeowners, condo unit owners, mobile homeowners, and residential renters insurance policies.
-For more information and a complete list of zip codes for each wildfire, please view the moratorium here