Find Public Safety Notifications

Butte County’s Fire Alert Bulletin Board phone line provides a recording of active evacuation information linked to the incident. Call: 833-512-5378 

Twice daily CalFire Butte Unit tweets an incident update with a situation summary for the North Complex West Zone Fire. 

 The CalFire Butte Information Line can be reached by calling: 530-538-7826

Please note: This line is no longer a live answer but has a recording with fire status information, directs callers to the Sheriff for evacuation information, directs callers to the county Sheltering Hotline, and also directs callers to 211 for other needs

Information boards related to the North Complex Fire have been posted throughout the County. You can find these info boards in various places throughout Oroville and on the Ridge. Online:

Ridge Locations:
– Holiday Market, Paradise
– Savemart, Paradise
– Save-Mor Foods, Magalia
– Stirling City Volunteer Fire, Stirling City
Oroville Locations:
– Raley’s
– Food Maxx
– Wal-Mart
– Home Depot
– Feather Falls Casino
– Gold Country Casino
– Yankee Hill Hardware