Offering housing rehabilitation loans to assist survivors of the Camp, North Complex, Wall, Ponderosa, Laporte, or Cherokee Fires reconstruct or rehabilitate their homes that were destroyed or damaged in the wildfires. All loans for homes on permanent foundation are deferred payment loans for 30 years with 0% interest. Loans are secured with a Deed of Trust and are due and payable 30 year form the loan recording. Loans for manufactured housing in mobile home parks will be due and payable in 20 years, with 10% of the original principal to be forgiven annually for each additional year beyond the 10th year that the home is owned and continuously occupied by the borrower. The maximum loan amount is $150,000 but the actual loan amount will vary. Homeowners are required to use all funds received for housing reconstruction towards their project.Camp, Wall, Ponderosa, Laporte, or Cherokee Fire Survivors must have a combined household income of 120%, or less, of the Area Median Income (AMI). North Complex Fire Survivors must have a combined household income of 80%, or less, of the Area Median Income (AMI). All homes receiving assistance must be owner-occupied. Homeowners that were uninsured at the time of the wildfire are encouraged to apply. Additional requirements include:

  • Must be ages 18 and older.
  • The property must be located in the un-incorporated Butte County limits. 
  • Homeowners must commit to using all building insurance proceeds and all other financing and disaster assistance provided for the purposes of rehabilitation or reconstruction proio ro calculator of the loan including insurance funds, FEMA funds, States funds, or any other refunds received from and source for the purpose of their hoe rehabilitation or reconstruction. 
  • Reconstruction or rehabilitation of the home may not have already begun.
  • Applicant must have owned and occupied the affected housing unit at the time of the disaster
  • Any assisted home must have an after-rehabilitation or after reconstruction value at or below the current local median sale price of a single-family home, using the most recent median sale price for the County posted at the California Association of Realtors website at
  • Applicants must be the owner on the title with no liens, not have a pending bankruptcy, not have a reverse mortgage, be current on property taxes, provide all supporting documentation for housing reconstruction funds from all sources

Income requirements are as follows:

120% AMI (Persons per household – Income)

1 –  $59,400

2 –  $67,900

3 – $76,350

4 – $84,850

5 – $91,650

6 – $98,450

7 – $105,200

80% AMI (Persons per household – Income)

1 –  $39,600

2 –  $45,250

3 – $50,900

4 – $56,550

5 – $61,100

6 – $65,600

7 – $70,150

Those interested in participating this program can call Maria Conrique at 530-671-0220, extension 128. She will then walk the individual through a housing questionnaire over the phone to see if they qualify. Available Monday-Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm. Assistance available in Spanish. Translation services are also available for most languages.

Providing a form for septic tank inspections.
-Inspection form is available online at or at the Butte County Environmental Health office located at Mira Loma Drive, Oroville, CA 95965.
-Butte County Environmental Health is open M-F: 8am-4pm.
-For more information contact Butte County Environmental Health by phone at (530)552-3880 or by email at
-Please note: Septic tank inspections will not be required for temporary living, but will be required for rebuilds.