Property Damage Information & Status

Property owners, who suffered damage to their property as the result of a calamity or disaster (such as accident, fire, earthquake, or flood) may be eligible for certain, limited forms of property tax relief by filing a calamity claim. This will allow your current property taxes to be reduced for that portion of the property damaged or destroyed. This reduction will be from the first of the month in which the damage occurred, and will remain in effect until the property is rebuilt or repaired. If additional living space is added or other significant improvements are made in addition to the repair, those improvements will be assessed at current market value.
-The application is available online at

To be eligible for calamity relief:
-The application must be filed by the individual who was the owner of the taxable property that was damaged on January 1 OR by the individual who acquired the property after January 1 and will be responsible for the taxes for the next fiscal year beginning on July 1.
-Property owners must have suffered at least $10,000 in damage to taxable property. This amount is measured by the current market value of the destroyed or damaged property, not necessarily replacement cost.

Taxable Property includes:
Land (land contour change due to flooding)
Structure – buildings, awnings, wells
Trees (where the trees are separately assessed)
Personal Property – boats, airplanes, business property (such as desks, shelves, computers, farm equipment)
Mobile Home subject to local property tax

Non-Taxable Property not eligible for calamity relief includes:
Licensed vehicles (cars, trucks, boat trailers, etc.)
Household personal property
Licensed Mobile Home
Business Inventory
Livestock used to produce food or fiber
The damage must have occurred by misfortune or calamity, without fault of the owner.

-A completed application must be filed within 12 months of the date of the misfortune or calamity. It is preferable that the application is filed within 60 days of the date of the calamity or misfortune in order to allow adequate time for analysis and processing. Those unsure of the amount of damage but believe it will exceed $10,000 should still file an application.
-For more information please contact the Butte County Assessor’s Office by phone at (530) 552-3800 or by email at
-Please Note: A calamity or disaster is defined as an event out of the ordinary; an unforeseeable, sudden, or unusual occurrence, in contrast to gradual deterioration or worsening condition over time. Damage to a building or land that occurs gradually due to ordinary natural forces is not caused by a calamity.

The Damage Assessment Team for the North Complex/ Bear Fire completed their damage assessment and info is uploaded into the Online Structure Damage Map.

Evacuees can check the status of structures by using the following link:

Oroville, CA – On Sunday, September 13, 2020, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) requested assistance from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office in providing drone imagery to the public areas impacted by the North Complex/ Bear Fire. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office led an interagency response team from four law enforcement agencies to assist in a rapid aerial assessment of the damaged areas.

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, the teams arrived in Butte County and immediately began capturing video and photos of the areas affected, based on CAL FIRE’s Damage Assessment Maps. Over the last three days, in coordination with CAL FIRE Air Operations and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the teams focused on the most heavily impacted areas, Berry Creek and Feather Falls. In total, the drones captured imagery covering more than 50 square miles of damage. The video and images are now available for public viewing, and can be found by visiting the following links:
360 Panoramas on a map:
Before and after map of Berry Creek area:
Video maps of major roads:
These website lines will also be posted on the Butte County Sheriff’s Office website, . Citizens can access panorama photos, video, and maps of the areas. Any questions on technical details can be referred to

Please note: This is a rapid visualization of the area for public use and is not a full assessment of the damage and may not visualize all areas impacted by the fire. It is recommended these web pages be accessed from a desktop computer and not mobile devices.